« Far from hyperrealism, I try to represent an atmosphere, to poetically suggest feelings offered by the everyday life.

Every painting is an attempt to approach the world. As for the world itself, my approach is driven by the hasard of a moment, by the birth of new sensations.

I observe and I let landscapes, objects and people around me express themselves. In order to interprete the authenticity with a simple and lucid eye, I am always guided by spots of colour and accidents which occur in every brush-stroke. »


                                                                                                                                             Workshop Diarie (fragment)

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From my workshop diary ,Maltese drawings and notes, oct 2014

© Emma D - 2007-2024

                                                     Tsunami 2011-Passage

    Aerial views have always fascinated me. When I discovered those of the 2011 disaster in Japan, published by Reuters: the territories swept by the destructive wave of the Tsunami, I was so impressed that I decided to use my brushes to leave a trace of the impact received.

The static nature of the images fixed the destruction after a flood of extreme violence: the villages disappeared, the joyful multicoloured countryside was washed out, the sea was engulfed in the irrigation canals, it transformed the beaches, the forests in mud patches.

    Absolutely everything that once seemed fertile: the fields, the factories, the dwellings, everything was restored to the primordial state of water and mud in the image of the very first creation.

    Without wanting to fall into apocalyptic fear, I painted this series to recall the temporary condition of man, just passing on earth and the supremacy of nature that he too often forgets to respect.